A Diary of Four Wonderful Pussy Cats

About Me and My Cats

Barry the Tabby Boy sleeping My name is Miho Kaneko. I am Japanese but have lived in Ireland most of my adult life. This website is part of a project for the Web Authoring course I am currently taking. I've decided to create a website about my cats. They are the joy of my life and each has a distinct personality.
   The black and white cat is called Momo. She is the first cat I adopted.
  The ginger one is Rudiza. It means 'ginger' in Polish (A Polish friend who rescued her named her so I kept the name). Rudiza was almost starved to death when she was rescued.
  The cat in the photo on this page is Barry, the only Tom cat in the house. He is very big but easily scared of little things.
  Tidge is another tabby. She is the baby of the house.

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