A Diary of Four Wonderful Pussy Cats

Tidge - My Baby


Tidge the Tabby Cat - 2015 - Miho Kaneko This is Tidge, my youngest cat.
    She was found abandoned in a box with four of her siblings. I think she was only four or five days old when we found her. Two of her siblings were already dead when they were found and the other three did not look well. I was contacted by a friend who does cat rescue and asked if I could look after them for a while. Although I'd never looked after cats who needed to be bottlefed, I said yes.
    Tidge was the smallest and when the other two died in my care, I thought she would not make it. I gave her milk every couple of hours for a few weeks during which I was constantly worried in case something bad happened to her. In fact, I was so nervous that at one point I kept checking on her to see if she was breathing every ten minutes.
    When I found her she was so tiny that she could fit in my palm (and my hands are small even for a Japanese person!), so she was named Tidge for being 'tidgy'. Little did I know!
    I let her drink milk as much as she wanted because I wanted her body to be strong. Even after she got weaned, I gave her special treats when the other cats weren't looking. Because she was the smallest of her siblings, I thought, she really needed lots of nourishment.
    One day, a few months after she arrived, I was looking at her sleeping in the couch and suddenly the thought came to my mind: Tidge looked like a seal! I tried to convince myself that it was just an angle, some sort of optical illusion, but I couldn't quite ignore the size of her tummy. Somehow, Tidge grew really (and I mean, really) big. She was no longer tidgy. (Some of my friends say she is overweight but I'm in denial of this.)

    No matter. She is still my baby and will remain so. I love her with all my heart.



Momo the Deaf Cat  - 2015 - Miho Kaneko Momo is the first cat I adopted. She is completely deaf (People always ask me if she is just ignoring humans but I've done various tests to make sure she really IS deaf!!!).
    For some reason, before I actually met her, I thought she would be mute as well as being deaf. But once I got her, I quickly realised she was a very noisy cat. Because she doesn't know she's making any noise, she jumps off the window ledge with a huge thump and walks like a baby elephant. And she meows really really really loudly.
    Because she is deaf, she isn't scared of many things other cats hate, such as a hoover. In fact, I sometimes hoover her fur directly and she seems to enjoy it. But she is also quite nervous. I think she is very sensitive to vibrations so any unusual movement would make her nervous. She especially hates being in the car and whenever I take her to the vet, she sheds so much fur that by the time we come home she is half the size of her when we left home. Momo is a character and I love her very much.

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